Bury Metro Community Twinning Association (BMCTA)


Mrs. Yvonne Moore           Chairman                     0161 766 7378           email:  datandy1@icloud.com
Mark Pitt          Secretary                 email: burymetrotwinning@bmcta.co.uk


The association is based in Bury in Lancashire and twinned with 4 towns in France, Germany and the USA.

It is independent of the Local Authority.
Membership comprises of local residents with an elected management committee.

tulle, France

the capital of the department of Corrèze, in the region of Nouvelle-Aquitaine. France

Schorndorf, Germany

is a town in Baden-Württemberg, Germany, located approx. 26 km east of Stuttgart.

Angouleme, France

the capital of the Charente department, in the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region of southwestern France

Woodbury, USA

The City of Woodbury, one of the oldest “small cities” in the United States, had its beginning in 1683 when Henry Wood, a Quaker from Bury, England, settled here.

Dueville, Italy

Dueville is not currently twinned with Bury but they are twinned with Schorndorf and Tulle.  There have been a number of visits by committee members from Bury to Dueville and by members from Dueville to Bury.  It is possible that a formal twinning arrangement may be made in the future.